…To the Love Revolution. 

Over the past couple of years, Theo Omambala has worked vigorously and eagerly with some of the world’s top African and Pan-African designers from both the realms of fashion, and jewellery with design aesthetics ranging from contemporary, neo-tribal to avant-garde. Now with the new year upon us, Theo has grabbed hold of the reins and is preparing to officially launch her new project, which intends to expand on the phenomenal work that she achieved over the past years with the Ubuntu International Project, and take things one-step further with Theo’s Vision: La Haute Culture.

The Ubuntu International Project was an extraordinary endeavour and very much one-of-a-kind in its own right. The project was able to bring some of Africa’s most diverse and adept designers and showcase their grand work in an international light, giving them exposure that was not once available in their region, and giving the United Kingdom the exposure to know that these incredible designers and designs exist. This demonstrated to the European fashion market that there is much more to the fashion industry than what American and European – and more recently Asian – designers can offer to the industry. Each designer that showcased brought something distinct to their collections and displayed their individuality, whilst simultaneously truly encapsulating and perpetuating the idea of Ubuntu: “I am what I am, because of who we all are”.
Now, after a brief pause from her last project preparing for the next step, Theo has returned with TVLHC ready to move forward, even more focused on narrowing the gap to achieve what TVLHC is about:

TVLHC is building on the foundation of the Ubuntu International Project, the concept of an “African aesthetic, identity, signature or brand: a narrative that is beyond culture, beyond history and beyond territory”.
“Creating Ubuntu International Project has taken me to a creative space of universality. It seems to me that out of global incertitude and chaos, a Love Revolution is emerging. A revolutionary movement of human beings, that are trans-generational, trans-racial, trans-sexual and of course trans-cultural. People with one agenda: truth, integrity and freedom”, says Theo.

TVLHC aims to combine the mantra of Ubuntu, with the universal collective “Love Revolution” ethos, and solidify the two in one vision; to create a cultural awareness of a culture defined by Theo as “La Haute Culture” – a creative global fashion platform with the rigors of La Haute Couture, authenticity of brand identity and viability in terms of commerce.


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